Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not a memo. A mission statement.

Welcome to Life Between Frames, a blog dedicated to both movie fandom and chronicling the development of a couple filmmaking careers.

There is an overwhelming amount of snark, cynicism, and negativity on most movie sites. I've never understood why people want to waste so much of their time dwelling on and picking at things they dislike. It accomplishes nothing. Here, we focus solely on celebrating the things that we like.

Periodically, we will post articles featuring movies that we enjoy, both new discoveries and nostalgia filled looks at longtime favorites. Some of these films will be obvious, well-known choices. Some of them, this may be the only place you see them getting love.

In addition to this, beginning filmmakers Cody Hamman and Jay Burleson will be blogging throughout the process of trying to get their careers rolling.

Burleson recently released his first film, Feast of the Vampires, which is available for purchase at

If you're a film lover who's interested in contributing an article about one of your favorites, feel free to contact us at

The door is always open to guest contributors, just keep in mind: this is a negativity-free zone.

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