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Horror Films to Watch for in 2014

Guest contributor Kate Voss writes in with a look at some of the year's interesting genre offerings.

Horror films coming out in 2014 have big shoes to fill following the 2013 lineup of the gory Maniac, inventive The Purge, all-star cast Stoker, and award-winning The Conjuring. But, from the looks of it, horror film buffs are in for a treat this year. Human Centipede comes back to terrorize and disgust, Eli Roth offers up some gruesome third-world goods, and Kevin Greutert is back in the game after his successful Saw enterprise came to an end. Below, you'll find a list of the top horror films to watch for in 2014:

Devil’s Due - January 17

A mix between Paranormal Activity and Rosemary's Baby, this found footage film is every pregnant woman's worst nightmare. A newly married couple becomes unexpectedly pregnant, and while the wife's belly grows, so does her Satanic behavior. The film stars Friday Night Lights' Zach Gilford and looks to be one of the better found footage films we've seen in recent years. Trailer

Haunt - February 7

In this classic haunted house tale, a shy teenager becomes friends with his mysterious neighbor, who then leads him into a haunted home, an event which forever changes the both of them. The plot is nothing revolutionary, but the film does star stellar actress Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook and Stoker) and some fresh new faces including Liana Liberato. Look for the film out in theaters in early February. Trailer

In From Outside - March 23

When three couples become stranded at a fifties-themed diner in the middle of nowhere, they begin mysteriously disappearing one-by-one. It's Jeepers Creepers meets Wrong Turn. It will be a busy year for director Dan Watson, who also has another film premiering on March 23 called Bind, about a family that moves into a haunted orphanage.

The Quiet Ones - April 25

During a university course, a professor wants to test a theory. He assembles of group of students to help uncover the paranormal and discover the ghosts that haunt Jane Harper. Writer Craig Rosenberg previously wrote the screenplay for the The Uninvited (2009), and the film also stars Jared Harris from Mad Men and Bates Motel's Olivia Cooke. Trailer

The Sacrament - May 1

This film documents the story of two journalists who decide to record their friend's search for his missing sister, whom they eventually find in (and must try to rescue from) a cult preparing for a mass suicide (Heaven's Gate, anyone?). The screenplay was written by Ti West, who is known for V/H/S and the 2009 The House of the Devil. The film stars Amy Seimetz, AJ Bowen and Joe Swanberg, all from the 2011 thriller You’re Next. This film is a must-see simply because Eli Roth recommends it.

The Purge 2 - June 20

The original film had one of the most inventive story plots of the decade, which means many fans are curious to see what will be done with the sequel. Little is known regarding the plot of the sequel; however, it is known that it will focus on new characters and take place on the same "purge" day.

Deliver Us from Evil - July 2

Not to be confused with the 2009 documentary about the Catholic priest accused of raping children, this film is based on Ralph Sarchie's book describing his real-life cases as a cop in New York. In the film, police officer Ralph (Eric Bana) begins to investigate a series of heinous crimes. He teams up with a priest knowledgeable in exorcisms to fight the demonic crimes occurring in the city. Deliver Us From Evil is written and directed by Scott Derrickson, known for Sinister and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Jessabelle - August 29

This film follows a young woman who, after losing her fiancé in a fatal car accident, heads to her father's Louisiana mansion. While mourning her loss, she discovers a terrifying presence that may be connected to her deceased mother. Kevin Greutert, known for his Saw enterprise, directed the film and it was written by Ben Garant, known for his work acting in Reno 911!

The Green Inferno - September 5

Directed by the very talented Eli Roth, who is known for Cabin Fever, Inglourious Basterds, Hostel, and The Last Exorcism, this upcoming film looks as promising as his previous works. The Green Inferno follows a group of student activists who travel to the Amazon to help a tribe but instead are taken hostage by the very natives they are trying to protect. As an interesting side note, when Eli Roth and his crew went to the tribe to ask members to be extras in the film, they realized the tribe had no concept of what a movie was.

Human Centipede 3 - Unknown

Little is known about the third and final installment of the "100 percent politically incorrect" horror films about humans being stitched together and forced to defecate in each other's mouths. Tom Six will once again be the writer and director, but the film will star a new cast including Eric Roberts.

Poltergeist - Initially expected on November 14, now set for release in February 2015

A remake of the 1984 film was no doubt going to be tricky, but filmmakers Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, The Grudge) and director Gil Kenan attempt to modernize the tale. Similar to the original, a suburban family's home is invaded by angry spirits. When the youngest daughter is taken by the spirits, the family must rescue her. The film will star Sam Rockwell (The Green Mile, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) and Jared Harris.

Author Bio: Kate Voss is a freelance film and entertainment writer for, covering everything from TV dramas to horror flicks. She loves the band Broken Social Scene and the TV show How I Met Your Mother, and she lives and works in Chicago.

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