Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Stink of Flesh: The Original Screenplay

Life Between Frames in print!

Last year, I wrote a Film Appreciation article for Scott Phillips's independent zombie film The Stink of Flesh. As I had previously talked to Phillips and knew how to contact him online, I sent the link to the article over to him when it was posted, with the simple intention of showing him that the movie he made ten years earlier has appreciative fans out there.

I would have been happy with a "Thanks!", instead I was pleasantly surprised to receive a very positive response from Phillips and his cohorts. My appreciation was clearly appreciated.

Months later, I was stunned when Phillips wrote me to ask permission to publish my article in a paperback release of the film's original screenplay. Of course, I gladly gave him the permission. By simply writing about a movie I loved, I had suddenly become a published author.

The Stink of Flesh paperback is available now, and in it the screenplay Phillips wrote for his $3000 masterpiece is followed by my article, "Dead Sexy (Or: Do Zombies Poop?)" Life Between Frames is mentioned in its pages, I even get my own little "About the Author" profile in the back of the book.

It's awesome, and I am very thankful to Scott Phillips for believing that my article was worth putting out there in the world alongside his script. Because of him, I now have a listing on Amazon. You can buy a Cody Hamman product!

The book has been out for a little while, but with Halloween coming up, 'tis the season to make sure you get your own copy ordered.

If you buy it through this link, you'll even be sending a few cents my way with the purchase.

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