Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Film Appreciation - A Near Death Experience

Guest contributor Noah Smith documents some Film Appreciation for 2014's Creep.

I was looking for something on Netflix to watch, too tired to pay attention to a 2 hour feature and unsatisfied by the thought of a 20 minute series episode.  I saw the title Creep under the critically acclaimed section and noted the run time at 1hr. 17 min.  I often start watching something on Netflix only to doze off or turn it off fifteen minutes in, but Creep succeeded in keeping my attention.

There are only two characters, Josef (Mark Duplass), and Aaron (Patrick Brice).  Brice and Duplass are also accredited with creating the film.  I typically don't get into found footage films because of the acting, but Duplass really brings the character Josef to life in this one.

The story follows Aaron, a young videographer struggling to make ends meet.  He follows up on an ad Josef puts out to do some film work for one day that pays a thousand dollars.  He travels to a cabin in the mountains to meet Josef, who explains that he is dying of cancer and wants to make a video for his unborn son so his son can watch it later in life and get to know his dad.

As you get to know  Josef, you see him as a very hyper, kind of weird, yet very friendly person who values friendship.  He gives you glimpses of "creepiness" with the things he does and says, but does so in a non-threatening, friendly manner, which makes him that much scarier.  The film's highlight has got to be Josef's menacing wolf mask, which he calls Peach Fuzz.  I thought this mask to be the most expensive part of Creep's budget, even though in the film Josef claims to have gotten it at a 99 cent store.

As far as shaky-cam flicks go, I put this on the same playing field as Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, although it certainly does not have the exposure of those two.  It is essentially a horror movie, but Duplass's eccentric character made me relate it to the psychological film Nightcrawler (of which I'm a huge fan, and that's for another article).  The ending also leaves an opening for a sequel and many more to come.   If you're on Netflix and looking for a short, edge of your seat film that will make ya jump a couple times, check it out.

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