Sunday, October 21, 2018

Jay Burleson discusses his film The Nobodies (and the new Halloween)

Blog contributor Jay Burleson's film The Nobodies is now on DVD, courtesy of Troma.

Soon after Life Between Frames began back in 2011, blog contributor Jay Burleson began working on a movie he wrote and directed called The Nobodies, which stars Lane Hughes of You're Next, Hannah Hughes of V/H/S/2, and Danny Vinson, who you may have seen on The Walking Dead a few seasons ago. The Nobodies has since received distribution by the legendary indie company Troma, home of the Toxic Avenger, and can now be purchased on DVD. (Click THIS LINK to go to its Amazon page.)

If you're wondering what The Nobodies is about, it's described as a

genre bending roller coaster ride into madness! In 1993, Alabama-based amateur filmmaker Warren Werner shot his first feature film, Pumpkin, on VHS. With a budget of only $600, a cast of friends, family, and unknown talent, the movie premiered at the local civic center and generated an immediate backlash from the community. Rumors that Warren and his girlfriend Samantha Dixon engaged in Satanic rituals began to spread throughout town. In the months following the premiere, Warren and Samantha committed suicide. The following year, another group of filmmakers began shooting a documentary about the deaths of Warren and Samantha. The documentary project was never completed, and Pumpkin was never released. The Nobodies is Warren Werner's Pumpkin, in its entirety, cut together with the remaining documentary footage of the director's life and death.

The DVD edition of the film includes the following special features:

- An introduction by Lloyd Kaufman.
- Deleted scenes
- Audio commentary
-New Coming Distractions
- Vintage trailers
- Troma Now! XTREME Edition
- Teaser and More Tromatic Extras!

To promote the release, Jay recently sat down for a conversation with L.C. Holt, who was also in You're Next. Jay's appreciation for the Halloween franchise has been well documented here on LBF, and with a new Halloween movie now in theatres it's no surprise that his talk with Holt eventually moves beyond The Nobodies and becomes a discussion of the new Halloween sequel, as well as the overall series.

The interview was broadcast live online and you can see the archived video below, along with the NSFW trailer for The Nobodies.

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